News2023 Hit-A-Thon and HR Derby

2023 Hit-A-Thon and HR Derby

On Friday, March 3 the Agoura Baseball Foundation hosted its final fundraiser of the school year with their Annual Hit-A-Thon and Home Run Derby which raised $13,000 for the program.

For the second year in a row, JV’s Cooper Reyes had the most supporters and collected the most donations.  Nearly all players participated, with each receiving 10 pitches to show their skills at the plate.  Nine players from across the 3 teams were selected by the coaches to participate in the home run derby, with each having an opportunity to hit as many home runs in a 2 minute period.  Michael Moran showed off his strength and won the HR derby with 6 HRs in the first round and 7 HRs in the 2nd round. Congrats, Michael!

Left to right: Timber Ibanez, Konrad Leichner, Donvan Anthony, Stone Brownell, Michael Moran, Dominic Longo, Will Michelman, Joey Blank, and Carter Roberts (Luka Bladow, not shown but participated in the bonus round)


Michael Moran wins 2023 Home Run Derby, unmatched with 7 home runs in the final round.